Transfer fixed distances in axis to a curve

I am trying to place these rectangles along a curve but they are overlapping
I used the PointsAtChordLengthFromPoint function and hoped they would have their bases and tops aligned. The slider named “Altura” defines both the chordLength input and the height of the rectangles.
is there any function to obtain this result? I mean, to define the distances in relation to a given axis and to orthogonally transfer these points to a curve or arc?
I can’t find any related topic
thanks in advance!

Hard to say without looking at the relevant files. I’d look at creating a Coordinate System to the selected curve and then Transform the geometry to that Coordinate System.

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Are your rectangles varying in size or is that a trick of perspective?

A larger context of the graph would help here.

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I’ve created the cs for each of the points arranged on the curve, but I think it is not the same thing right? I will try this, thanks for the hint!

I reorganized the mess and the new image sums up the graph.

I still keep getting the two errors: The overlapping of the rectangular profiles along the curve (PointsAtChordLengthFromPoint) and the revolution of only one of the profiles, as I said earlier.

trying to follow what @kulkul had said, I put the geometries of the model lines in a new cs with the Transform method, I don’t know if that is correct.
@JacobSmall, the rectangles are all the same height

So, I think it’s a matter of refactoring, isn’t it? in fact it looks like I worked on the idea of the topic title itself. For now it is serving as well, my intention is to extract the linear footage of bags from the superadobe, the volume of material used and the visualization of the project too, I have not yet taken this geometry to the revit, there I am working with models in place families.
This is all to build my own house, I live in a small farm and I am an organic farmer.

this construction has been a great incentive to move forward during all that is happening with us. I hope everyone is well, thank you!