Topo profile along lines

Hi everyone,

I’m wanting to graph the topography elevation along this line. I’ve been able to extract the profile along a plane but I need to “crop” and align those curves.
Essentially i will be graphing the length of the red line along the X axis and the height, typically the Z value along the Y axis.

My main issue is that there is not a find length at point node for poly curves for me to then be able to leverage the segments of the lines that I want.

If you have any idea on how to “crop” or align my profile curves please leave a suggestion.

Perhaps it’s as simple as this?

Curve.ParameterAtPoint * Curve.Length

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Thanks @JacobSmall,

I’m getting closer I just need to find where the z value would be along that point.
Some sort of elevation at point node would be great.

Point.Z perhaps?

I guess I should have given a little further explanation, the plan line (the red ones from post 1) that I am using is just at z=0, it does not follow the topography. Therefore when I try to get the parameter at the point from my profile line (the blue ones from post 1) it doesn’t work because it is not at the same elevation. I need to find the point on the blue line that is directly above the point on my red line. The Red line has the X and Y constraints and the blue one has the Z information that i need.


Ah! Point.Project then.

I think if you discretize the profile it will be much easier for you, something like this:

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Thanks @jostein_olsen,

That worked great, and it helped me get rid of this mess in the red. :+1:


This image dosn’t enlarge for some reason

@vanman, it’s broken for me too, right click and open in a new tab should do the trick.


I got a pm on the autodesk forum related to this script and I’m going to upload where I left off on the dyn here, thanks all.
ExaggeratedScaleOneMasterView.dyn (915.2 KB)