Top constraint error: parameter storage type is not a string

Dear team,

I am a bit confused whilst trying to set the Top Constraint parameter.

The parameter itself is a string(if i am correct), though the node for setting parameters does not accept string data.

should i use another node for setting string value’s?

string as a value

Hello Dino Deijzen Van,

You can take a look at my graph.

For me its working.




Ritesh, thank you for the explanation, ideally i want to read the Top Constraints out from an excel and feed it to the Set Parameter Node ( instead of selecting it from a static drop down list ) .

i shall try to see if with your example i can come a step further

Hello Dino Deijzen Van,

If you can share your revit , dyn and excel file, I will able to help you to solve your problem.



Here’s a way that I found.

Select All levels> search the levels for the string you want> filter the level selection> assign to the element needed.

2015-02-12_07h28_03 2015-02-12_07h28_12

John & Ritesh.

thank you for thinking with me, with your examples it became clear that the Top constraint requires a level entity and not a string (not sure what it means :slight_smile: )

Knowing this i now only had to find out how to arrange the levels in the order that will come from excel (simple list with the specific level for each wall top constraint) .

That arrangement can be fed into the Top constraint value node. i placed a print screen as example which should work.