To obtain the thickness of the steel sheet - MEP

Hi, i am new in this tool; but i want to make the next exercise:
To obtain the thickness of the steel sheet, in base of the width of the duct and his system type.


If System Type is high velocity and the width is:
< or = 12" caliber 26
(>12") OR (< or = 30" ) caliber 24

If System Type is low velocity and the width is:
< or = 18" caliber 24
(>18") OR (< or = 48" ) caliber 22

This with each range of width of duct and velocity.

If you have any coment, thanks.

Hi this is definitely achievable with Dynamo. I am no MEP expert but you could first group your ducts according to their flow, extract the width parameter and finally give the formula node a try? if(x<=12,opt1,if(x<=18,opt2,opt3))


thank you, so much, but how i have to structure my formula, if i want to do this:

if (system type is SystemX and width is <= 12, OPT1, if (system type is SystemX and width is = 14 o <=30,OPT2, if (system type is SystemY and width is <= 18,OPT3)))

what do you think i don´t know how make the formula in Dynamo.


Thank you, for your help

Maybe someone more familiar with MEP ducting can pitch in, but if you need to provide different options for each type, it might be simpler to split your ducts into types and then perform the necessary actions for that specific type:


Hi Josue,

Below is the formula your looking for:

Formula System Type

Thank you so mFormulauch, for your help KulKul and Dimitar, to weeks ago, this was unthinkable, with your advice we can achieve this:

No problem. That’s why we’re all here!

as long as you’re having fun!:-)

If you have solve your issue make this post as resolve.

How I can join these two sets, it is that the duct of the filtering system obey the formula based on the width.formula ok

Josue, your question is already answered above read the graph carefully. see below for more information.


No, the objetive of the “program” it´s this:

consulta conjunto

So I played a bit with the MEP content, learned something new and suggest the following:


thank you Dimitar, thank you Kulkul. Finally i can do it.1 2

Nice! Would it be possible to repost the second part of the solution? We can’t zoom on it to complete the DS.