To make a library of space programs required for various types of building to ease architectural planning process and generative design

Hi all,
We know, there are lot of various types of building like School, University, Hospital, Resort, Hotel etc. Depending on the precise functions, building types increases and all they have specific programs or list of functional spaces or zones or departments or rooms.
My desire is to make available of all those programs in excel and in one download place to ease our planning process and often these lists could be used in generative design.
From time saver standards, we know the minimum standards of areas for functional spaces or rooms. We might develop those programs with those minimum standards for a specific type of building along with other factors like adjacency, weight, minimum width etc., so that these lists could be a better resource for those who are experimenting generative design.
Actually, we already have such programs in excel sheets, we just need to share those in one place. Further, if those lists do not comply with minimum standards of building codes or differ a bit from our actual space planning, still would be helpful to edit those and share back! These lists or excel sheets of building programs will help every architect to get an idea of various types of buildings and they will be able to create various types of projects even only for study purpose.
If this seems worthy, I like to ask dynamo veterans to reserve a cloud space to upload those programs we already have in clouds or in our office as Revit schedules of rooms. It would be also helpful, if anyone knows such a place in cloud that already exists and share it’s link!

Here is a sample of such program from other topic of dynamo forum (Excel to Dynamo for Space Programming) though don’t know if it satisfies the minimum standards!

GVCC Space Needs Analysis 2.xls (149 KB)

Not really Dynamo related but I can see how the data could certainly help people develop more and more useful generative design applications for space planning.

Why don’t you try setting up a GitHub page for this?

Hi @JacobSmall ,
Thanks for your suggestion. Though am bit novice in organizing git repository, still I started a repository here-

So let’s now work on it. Hope everybody will upload there room schedules in excel format of various projects and will edit them with a standard template fixed by the participants.
I already invited some veterans including you to participate there and organize the whole thing!