Three-dimensional volume variation

I’m a design student at montreal university in research design. I work with data-driven structure modification. I started using dynamo to create a rethought model of an idea. I’m looking to create, cubic volumes and manage their shape in a chosen space. in addition to change their volume by choosing a volume generated for the chosen space.

I don’t know if it’s spannable on dynamo. I’m able to create a volume and duplicate it. handling I try to frame it is volume in a chosen space. then create a variation of volumes at my choice.

I start and if there is a person to help me it would be super nice. I join you what I have already done.

thank you very much.

here’s the link to the file, because I can’t download a file.

Hi, @a.dhulst8MVR5 welcome to the community!

can you show your final goal in some way? so we can work towards it.

Hi,@_Vijay Welcome
2D grid with fixed dimensions in x and y
Grid is divided into any number of boxes of various sizes, and each is occupied by 1 volume (1, 2, 3, etc.).
Objective: to be able to modify the parameters of one of the volumes in x, y or z and that this modification has an impact on the dimensions of the other volumes without changing the dimensions of the grid.
Is there also a way to vary the number of cells (and therefore the number of volumes) in the grid?

look into topologic

I’m trying to modify the volumes in each case of the grid. The change made on a volume is replayed on the other volumes/cases of the grid.

I’ve been looking to work with the Vornoi. function or the creation of an editable grid. without succeeding.

If you had a line of code, which could allow me to modify a selected volume with repercussion on the other volumes.

I’m stuck in the search for code could unlock wishes to get.

thank you very much.