There is way too much information....please help!

I have been using Revit for 15 years. I am only beginning to understand what dynamo is. I just need to create a simple script to avoid repetitive work. I need to open multiple (50 or so) files detached, purge and save. I am drowning in information and packages and forums and nodes. I can’t even find a dynamo node to open a file. I have downloaded a Dynamo Automation Package…but I don’t understand the nodes within it or how to put them together. Someone must have already created a .dyn? for this. I am considering using something like autohotkey because it’s a little easier to understand.

Do all of these files live in the same folder, or are they each in their individual folder?

Try Etransmit, its one of the options.


I usually put them all in one folder. They are nested links for an architectural model that we receive updates on weekly.

you got that right this is a time consuming process and ive spent countless hours doing this process. The worst thing is that it eat away your time when the updated files comes in right before submitting deadlines. Have you tracked the time spent in your office doing this every week. Could be worth a few gift cards or something? Let me know if you find a solution, or maybe I should try making a script, uhmmm.

U need a app to record ur mouse and keyboard’s action ,and repeat them.
lol ,I hope it can help u.

There are a dozen or so examples of stuff like this mentioned in various parts of the forum. In no case are they easy graphs to build, and rely on some nodes which are quite experimental (and often brilliant in their execution).

Purge is the typical issue most find, as it fails to exist directly in the API, accessible as a postable command. The Orchid package has some nodes for accessing this, as well as bulk processing content. None of it will be straight forward though - you’re going to have to put in work here.

All of that said, etransmit (as noted by @Marcel_Rijsmus) , BIM360 Design (what if you didn’t even have to wait for the transfer?), and other solutions are out there to already accomplish this quite efficiently. Each of which tends to be more stable, and offer significant benefits beyond the Dynamo graph, all in a way which will likely save you a lot of headaches as well.

Is etransmit a .dyn file or is it a revit Add-On?

Add-in for Revit.

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Learn to google before you try Dynamo :slight_smile: