The script write the parameter I set to the wrong element as the walls index are not corresponding with the distances I got from that same walls

Hello everyone.
I am trying different solution to solve a task that is to set the fire rating for exterior walls by reading the distance from other building.
I have done a simple script working only at the ground floor, for now using set geometry and I calculated the distances from the walls to the other buildings and now, when comes to return the fire rating based on the minimum item for each wall something go wrong because the script works, but the results in Revit are not correct.
I would like to attach here my file

if some of you people have some suggestion, it will be very appreciate.
Fire Strategy_Distance from Other building.dyn (81.4 KB)

You can try the RayBounce method to calculate the distance.
You can find the nodes in the DataShapes package.

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But my surrounding are not in a linked file, I just designed them as mass. I don´t think can help now, but is actually good to know since most of the time the landscape will be a linked project.

Just set the BounceOnLinkOnly to False.

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Since it doesn’t matter which building you’re closest to, union the massing buildings into a single geometry. Depending on how much geometry you have modeled, and how detailed that geometry it this may be a bit time consuming, but one slow node like “Solid.ByUnion” could save a lot of extra tests and memory issues.