The level parameter can not change(FROM metric generic model wall based.rft)

Hi, My friend
Many thanks for your help or suggestion for the below issue.

Kindly, I have met one issue that is shown in the below pic.
Is here a way to change this element level use RevitAPI or its a Bug?(here is Revit2018)

Hi @zepeng_zhao,

I can confirm that it isn’t possible to change the level of a hosted wall based family.
This behaviour makes sense to me.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner
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Thanks for your research.
I’m confused about this logic why Revit does not allow user to change this level parameter.

If the family instance is hosted and constrained by a wall, what will happen if you choose a level that the wall does not reach?
Assumption: The host (wall) would be lost.