The difference between the packages which show different icons?

I have installed Revit 2018 which has two versions of Dynamo. One is Dynamo 1.2.2 and the other one is Dynamo 2.0.1.
I found that when Dynamo 2.0.1 installed old packages it may show different icons on the adds-on board.
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I’m very confused about that.
So I want to know the difference between the packages which show different icons.

Some of people who made the packages created custom icons otherwise they show the default there is no impact on functionality.

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But I think the reason is that the two packages were created by different means. As you can see from the first picture,’s version date is “2016.5.27”, while LunchBox for Dynamo’s version date is “2015.11.23”. they all launched before Dynamo 2.0.1 which came out laterly.

Dynamo 2.0 is a major release and some APIs have been changed or removed. One of the largest changes that will effect node and package authors is our move to a JSON file format.
In general Zero Touch node authors will have little to no work to do to get their packages running in 2.0.
UI nodes and nodes that derive directly from NodeModel will take more work to get running in 2.x.

So I guess the two packages were created by different means. One is by Zero Touch node, and the other is by NodeModel based nodes.

Revit 2018 did not ship with Dynamo 2.0.1, only 1.2.2. You must have a customized installer or have installed a second version of 2.0.

@simon_murphy1 is correct. The icons are defined by the package authors. It has nothing to do with the types of nodes contained within.

Lastly, both of those packages need to be updated to ensure they work right in the 2.0 environment. Go to the package manager and download the latest version of each. Note that the new versions may or may not work with 1.2 so you will need to keep two package libraries. The same is true of graphs - stuff written in 2.x will not open in 1.x - so you will need two libraries for your graphs as well. Think of it like how you have a new family library for each version of Revit.

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When I updated the two packages, the new problem come out. The graph which I download form website can’t even work and the node which come from the updated package,LunchBox, showed an error. I think there are may be something wrong with the package—LunchBox. I’m newbie
and I don’t want to waste my time in these tiny things. Anywhy,thanks all the same.

Likely the graph you downloaded was for an older version of Dynamo, and as such will need some updates to work correctly.

Thank you for your kind reply. Yeah, you are right and I downloaded the graph whoes description shows it is based on Dynamo 1.2.1. The good news is the graph worked correctly in the 1.2 environment, but the process is just time-consuming which may need 5 or 6 minute. So I might don’t have to do the work, updating the graph, which I know I can’t handle, if I just need to study the graph.

The question which I posted on the forum is about the packages which show different icons and I think I probably have the answer. Thanks again.

Have you noticed that you have to install Lunchbox from an executable installer rather than the package manager?