The created family is not adjusted associated with Wall orientation and Angles

The problem that I have here is creating the clear box based on the doors in different angles (Different direction of wall in north, south and east and width)… I used the Facing.orientation and set.rotation nodes to adjust the family based on the wall direction & Angles ( North, South east west) side of the building. I don’t know why the angles of the doors/ walls is not be adjusted to the created clear box in desire direction. Any Thoughts?

I used this nodes to get the adjusted angle as bellow:

Hello…you can try this here…isnt it the same question you already had asked??

open.dyn (43.9 KB)

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Thank you so much but this is not applicable for my application. I have a problem just in vector rotate and facing rotation. I do not want to scale or loft the geometry. As you see on my screen shots, I want to block box be adjusted with he same direction of wall.
Regarding to your question, no, I asked in the following of my previous problem with different subject. Then I posted it separately at the same time.

Allright…you could try get rotation instead of facing orientation…good luck

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Thank you so much. The Get.Rotation node solved my problem.