The choice of elements according to the necessary attribute

Description of purpose:
The need to highlight elements related to each other for some reason, lying in different categories.
Ways to solve:

  1. Select an ID and save them to a text file.
  2. Create a parameter that uniquely characterizes these elements. And choose by this parameter.

Now I use both of these methods, but they both have their drawbacks. Are there any other solutions to this problem?

If highlight means selecting I would recommend using the “SelectInRevit” node from the Springs package.
This way you do not need to create an external txt-file or add parameters to each element! :slight_smile:

It’s probably worth describing the problem that I faced, and which made me think.
In the model I work with, some walls and doors in them have changed. I need to highlight the changed elements and transfer to another level. I can copy the ID of the elements to a text file (naturally selecting these elements first) or using DB Link select the necessary elements, fill in the parameter and then use it. Both methods solve the problem (although they have their drawbacks), but I would like to know if there are other solutions.

Note: Unfortunately, through DB Link it is impossible to track the change in the coordinates of an element in space. At one time I was looking for an opportunity to save the coordinates of elements in the database, but so far I have not gone further than the idea.