Text overlapping

I have done a code for placing text using coordinates, I have a lot of text date to place when I use the dynamo player, text placing in old position(overlapping) when I increase points.

I attached the working code and results.
If anyone give idea about how to overcome this problem

using dynamo player will repeat the script from the beginning in each run, in dynamo it will update not repeat in each run and that just while you opening the script.
i suggest to make script that delete duplicated text if it has same location and value

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Hello @rajkumar.kolli93

You need to define the problem statement property, like identify the pattern or point where you need to put “LINKS” and on which points you need to put “VERT.REINF”
and then feed both the data into “TextNote.ByLocation”

Thankyou for reply, Can I get any example map…

like this

okay I ll try this one…Thankyou