Test if Point is inside Polysurface - Replication guides logic

I am trying to create a node similar to the gh node “Point in Brep”, where I test if a point is inside a closed polysurface. Ideally this would work with 2D arrays of points, flattened points or 3d arrays of points (list,list,items)—ie the greater good. But I will settle for now on a 2D array (what works for now).

I’m 90% there, but I’m stuck on 2 points: (starting with the second and easiest first)

Q2: Can/How would I us replication guides to replace what a list.map of a list.map of a chop would do? In other words, I want put every item in a 3d array of points into its own list…

Q1: I’ve been able to sort a list of flattened and then chopped (grafted) points (each point in its own list) by a flattened list boolean values as seen below. However, this destroys the data structure which will be critical how I am planning to use this operation


Excuse my poor use of replication guides… I’m still wrapping my head around the concept.

Any ides?

isinsidesolid.v1 (in daily build

Good thing that you posted this question, because it seems that replication guides are somewhat broken in 0.91RC.

On Q2, refer to the green group below:




















On Q1, you shouldn’t really need any replication guides if the lists are of the same structure:

You could use List.Sublists instead of List.Chop (which doesn’t seem to behave as expected)

However, if you want to use List.Chop


Thank you for the responses, it was just enough to get it working… Thank you :slight_smile: