Take Area of each floor inside Space

I am trying to rebuild RoomWallArea.dyn from Vikram_Subbaiah (from this post http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/take-area-of-each-wall-inside-rooms/) to get the area of each floor inside a Space, above and below. But somehow I can’t manage it.

The point is that with my script the Floor has to be in the Space to get the area from it. I can’t figure out how to do it another way.

@gdemol It would help if you could share a small Revit file with walls and spaces.
Also please outline your intent again.
As Dynamo and it’s users have progressed, earlier solutions may not necessarily still be good, now.

@Vikram_Subbaiah Thanks for your fast reply! I am sorry, hereby you’ll find a small example: https://we.tl/CM6YALhPHQ

For your information: I am a new user and when I try to upload attachements I get a notification that I cannot because I am a new user. However I am able to upload pictures.

It is my intention to get the area’s of all elements that enclose a Space to use them in (heat load) calculations. When I try to get the area of a Floor adjacent to a Space with the added script, the floor has to be (partially) in the space to get the area from it. Is it also possible to get it when it is only adjacent to a Space?

Thanks in advance!

@gdemol You only want the floor area?
In that case, something like this should do…
SpaceArea.dyn (7.2 KB)
floor.rvt (1.2 MB)

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Thanks, but I already managed to do this. The problem I have is that when a Space does not Intersect with a Floor I can’t retrieve the area from it (like I said before). So when a Floor is adjacent to a Space, like this:

the Space is not intersecting (the Base Offset is now 0.0: https://we.tl/4SpkfOpSfJ ), so how do I get the Area from it in this situation?

You could move the geometry of the space with a negative Z before feeding it in the in Geometry.IntersectAll node

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Great, works like a charm:

Thanks to all!

Having different rooms area like(pump room, chiller room, ) i need to calculate combine