Tagging, Labeling or Annotating point with String

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I am looking to add a list of string to a point on a surface. I am doing a slope analysis where I wanting to show the % slope at different places. After import the topography and splitting into sections and getting the slope I would like to label the points with their associated slope %. Is this possible? I currently have the % % slopes in a list and the points as a list. I have tried an assortment of packages the unfortunately will not label things for me.

Slope Label







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How about placing a Generic family with Model Text?

It gets a little heavy and untidy, but works. I’ve created labels in Revit as an extension to the file from the Topography Coloring discussion.

Files: TopoLabels.dyn and TopoText.rfa



I am sorry to ask another what seems to be obvious question but how is it that I can change the labels to display the numbers I have linked into the node as “values” instead of just saying “Model Text” at every point? I feel like this is a matter of family parameter settings but I cannot put together what I need to do.


Thanks so much!

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There is a small error in the dynamo file I attached. (The string in the code block should be "TopoText"as in the image above. The file I attached had “Topo Text”)

Here is the corrected file. It should mostly work properly now.


Hi Vikram,

I am highly interested in using your “TopoText.rfa” file but I am using Revit 2014. Do you think it would be possible to save the file in a 2014 format ? That would be really helpful. thanks in advance !


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I’ll try to guide you through creating the TopoText.rfa file in Revit 2014.

  1. - Create a new family with the Generic Model.rft template
  2. - Add Model Text from the Create tab and place it at the center
  3. - With the model text selected in the canvas, click on the Associate Family Parameter button that is on the right extreme of the Text parameter row.
  4. - Create a new Instance parameter and call it Content
  5. - Save with an appropriate name (TopoText.rfa) and load into your project file.

Hope this helps.


Hi Vikram,

Couldn’t reply for a while because the site was under construction but thanks ! it really helped.

I managed to do what I wanted.


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