Tag polycurves or doors

I have questions about taging doors and polycurves
Polycurves : I can not, it said (warning: asked to convert non convertible types )
Doors : only said ( tag )
Thanks in advance

Tag, as I understand, is an annotation which pulls out the value of a particular parameter associated with a 3d element and displays it in a view. Every elements do not have the same set of parameters. That’s why we have separate tags for different elements. But a tag cannot be there for an element like a curve or line or a generic annotation symbol, for these are not 3d elements. So when you say you want to tag a polycurve, I am bit confused on what exactly you want.

Could you kindly elaborate a bit os that the intention in clearer?

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The polycurves are not Revit element’s but Dynamo geometry. To tag you need a Revit Element to host to. You can tell when something is a Revit element when the Dynamo preview shows a green box with a number in it (the number is the element ID and if you click on it Revit will find a view of it in your model and zoom to that location).