Tag Nested Element in a Family

Hello, im new in Dynamo, im trying to Tag a Nested Family, Im using the Select Model Element but, when i ty to select the element that i need , it select all the elemets inside the family.

I want to know if there is another way to feed the element node input. Maybe in a codeblock, but i dont know how.

Thank you.

The problem is not with the Select Model Elements, but with the fact that you are trying to set a new family type by parameter. This is not possible because the Family Type is not a Parameter.

You would need to use the clockwork nodes to set your current family as a new family.
You would need the “Familyinstance.SetType” node from the clockwork package.

The problem is not the tag, the problem is that i was using Select Model Elements instead of Select Model Element, with the last one i can select (using tab) the nested element that need to tag ,in a family made of nested families.

thanks for answering.

Didn’t know that the “Select Model Elements” and the “Select Model Element” Nodes had different abilities.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: