Syncing Element List That Have Been Sorted

I’m still really new to the Dynamo world but thanks to all the great posts on here I’ve started to get a much better grasp of all the great things Dynamo can provide.

I’m trying to add space number to elements to help schedule out prefab assemblies by rooms. I’ve got it close to working, but I’m having trouble looking up how to maintain an index so I can match up elements between the two lists once I’ve filtered out elements that are not located in a space (using Springs Filter.ByCategoryName node). Element list are a stumbling block for me and trying to get my mind wrapped around the concept.

Thanks Scott

Filtering won’t help because you lose the indices. Try something like this for removing elements without a space.

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Thanks so much worked perfect, now to just mark the items without spaces and in between walls. That helped understand the concept of indices and how to handle when your remove items from a list!