Switch divided surface from "Rectangular" to "Octagon" pattern type

Hi All,

I started this definition shown below. But I am not getting it to work.
Basically, I have one divided surface inside a mass. I am trying to switch the divided surface type from “Rectangular” to “Octagon” pattern type.

I appreciate any directions or help.


You need to feed in a FamilyType not a string.

Hi m.rijsmus -
I used Family Type and selected a basic rectangular curtain panel pattern base but I am still not getting the result. For example, it is not:

  1. Showing the “Octagon” grid pattern.
  2. Not applying the panel to the divided surface.

Thanks again.


tilepattern.dyn (7.6 KB)

In Dynamo 2.x you might need curly brackets instead op square brackets im not sure.
So lst[13] in the code block becomes lst{13}


@m.rijsmus great job! Just a small improvement: you can use the node IndexOf to automatically retrieve the index you need.
For example, if you want to run the script from DynamoPlayer, it might be useful to just type the name of the wanted pattern (in this case Octagon).

Thank you @m.rijsmus and @lucamanzoni for your great help. It worked :slight_smile:

May I ask how to apply Panel1 as surface panel family to the TilePattern surface?



You are right.
I think this was a script that was a chalange to solve, never looked further.
You can do this (changing the pattern) with two clicks in Revit itself, so never i thought of doing it in Dynamo, let alone the Player.
The writing of the script takes longer then actually doing it in Revit, so why write it?