Swept Surface


I'm trying to sweep a surface using a standing seciton curve and a plan curve (rail). Both sets of curves are made up of two straight lines joined by a fillet.

When I try to create the mass by selecting the two curves it gives me an error message and will not create the surface. If i make the section curve a closed curve it will sweep the surface but with 9 separate surfaces (see image). I want it to be a single surface because I eventually want to divide it.

Is there a way to sweep this surface without making it a solid? How can I make this one single surface? Thanks!


Phil, you were on the right track. But here are a few recommendations.

  1. Any time you create form from a closed surface, you are (usually) going to get a solid.

  2. Instead, place a series of splines hosted on points (as you did) along the rail and then create form from the series of splines - like a series of ribs.

  3. Use reference lines instead of model lines, that way they do not get "consumed" by the form and can be used to drive the surface after creation

  4. If you want a smooth surface, the curves cannot be segmented. The surface will be split anywhere two segments are joined. Instead, try drawing a single spline. See attached file.


The file's attached...

I'll be following along in the webinar in an hour. Thanks.


Do you have any constraints, such as parameterized dimensions, applied to the curves? If you don't mind, attach the file to your reply and we can take a look


I drew the curves in Vasari, in the mass family and the error said, "The constraints of the sketch defining the highlighted element cannot be satisfied."


Phil, did you import the curves or draw them in Vasari? What did the error say when you tried to create the surface ?