Swap Parameter Values

Hello everyone,

we are trying to write a graph that swaps parameter values - a team unfortunately got confused and wrote values from Parameter B where they should have put values for Parameter A and vice versa. What I would like to do is store the values of Parameter A in a list, Parameter B in another list and then swap them - which is not working because Dynamo gets the value of Parameter A, overrides Parameter B and Ends up with identical Parameters in A and B. Does someone have an idea how to solve this Problem?

Graph attached.Copy Parameter Values fsa.dyn (16.3 KB)


I think you´ll get better help if you post a screenshot of your graph, but nevertheless: try setting up two DataStream.Wait (orchid) or Passthrough (Clockwork) nodes, so that your graph will first collect the data from both parameters, and only then write it.

Alternatively save your parameter values somewhere as a buffer (excel or csv) and only then overwrite your parameter values

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I would save the values in excel file and import them and swap in Dynamo.

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Thanks for the hint!

isn’t there a way of avoiding the extra step? our alternative solution is use a third temporary Parameter C, copy A to C, B to A, then C to A, then erase C using two separate graphs - we don’t particularly like it though… Cheers!

this is a stub for the passthrough solution

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Great, thar works! Thank you very much!