Surface thicken error


I get an error when I used the Surface.Thicken node.
I don’t understand why.

Unable to compute thickened face : LOP_OFF_NO_SURF – could not offset surface as requested

Does anybody know what is the problem?

Thank you in advance

What does your surface look like? It’s very possible that your lofted surface can’t thicken without intersecting itself.

Hi @Nick_Boyts,

It’s an helix ramp.
See in attached the .dyn file and xls files for the points. RAMPE_B_DROITE_original.xls (27 KB) RAMPE_B_GAUCHE_original.xls (28 KB) test_rampa4.dyn (24.9 KB)

Can you just post a screenshot?

@Nick_Boyts even when I simplify the ramp with only 5 point I get the same error.

Yeah, your thickened surface is self-intersecting. You’ll likely have to find another way to create the solid.

Hi @Nick_Boyts,
Even if I have 4 points I have the same problem. That’s strange.

Do you have any ideas?

It may depend on how you’re creating that surface. If you’re creating a nurbs/polysurface, even with 4 planar points, thickening the surface could cause issues with the control points or other defining properties. I’m honestly not familiar enough with complex surfaces to know, but I could see that being an issue.

From a little bit of experimenting it does look like it depends on how the surface closes to form a solid.