Support for Native Revit Componenets

Are there any plans to support native Revit objects and not just massing in the near future?

Things like, walls, floors, columns, curtain grids, column grids, curtain panels, rooms...also any plans to support placement of objects int he native project environment vs the massing environment?


Hi Greg,

We are focusing more on the massing environment initially, but there are currently some detail Revit elements (structural framing, levels, most loadable families, etc). More detail elements will be provided in the future. If you can't wait for us to expand the offerings, you can author relatively simple Python nodes to place a particular kind of element and use the rest of the Dynamo framework to locate it or otherwise give it the appropriate inputs. If you want to go the extra distance, it's possible to author your own nodes and we will try and incorporate it into the builds.