Suggestion for Project Topics for M.Tech Thesis

Hello Everyone,
I am currently doing my M.Tech Thesis in Construction Technology and Management from NIT Trichy, India.
I am little bit confused about my topics, so can anyone suggest me some topics for my project which include Revit and Dynamo. It is a 8 months project.

Thank You.


What is your level of skill in revit/dynamo, what are you interests in the industry, it sounds like you’re asking for a problem statement which should really be decided by yourself from your desire to change or investigate a topic of interest to you :slight_smile:


Remember Dynamo and revit are simply tools to achieve a goal, possibly smarter and more efficiently than doing it the conventional way, but still just a tool.


I am just a beginner. Can you suggest me a pathway to work upon…?

What are your focus area(s)? Is the idea to build your project around dynamo or use dynamo to assist your project? :slight_smile:

My Interest areas are Automation in construction, Energy optimization, Optimisation of budget and schedule. Both ways would work…either project around dynamo or dynamo as associate.

Try looking into some of the publications by Kristoffer Negendahl, he is working within automation in energy design at BIG and his work might spark some ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggestion. Can you suggest something for Optimisation of budget and schedule or I should quote like how I can club BIM and construction management

Actually instead of giving you a large reading list i think you’ll learn more from doing a literature study :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your quick replies and enlihtenment.

How is the environment in your department for working with visual programming software? Are there supervisors present there has a knowledge of tools like Dynamo?

No matter how much you work with Dynamo you also need to know something about textual programming in Python. You will discover that you will end up in a situation where knowledge about Python is needed. How is support for that in your department?

If you can answer no to all this, then I would rethink if writing your master thesis using Dynamo is a good idea.

Lastly, as @Jonathan.Olesen writes. Dynamo is only something to support your disciplinary background. You need seriously knowledge in your professional discipline so you can verify whatever result Dynamo brings you. Dynamo is only a tool there in a computational way can speed up human processes.


Actually environment for visual programming is not that much in my department. Will it be a problem in my work ahead…?

Well, this is a job for your supervisor.

Those students I have/has gets the questions @Jonathan.Olesen has tried to describe. It is very important that it is from you the energy and core knowledge comes from. However, it will be your supervisor who must be able to help you into lower waters if you end up in deep waters.

If you have no prior knowledge of the issues I put up earlier, then consider if it is a good idea to do this as a master thesis project.

If you were a student coming to me with this question, and I didn’t in advance knew you and your competences I would ask you to do a preliminary project showing your competences, a master thesis is a serious matter.


Thank you very much… :slight_smile:

@erfajo and @Jonathan.Olesen you guys said it perfectly - you need knowledge around what you want to do and around the concepts and around the software to use it well. Yes that’s a lot of ands, but when the sky is the limit there is no ‘one way’ to use these types of tools.