Subassembly Parameter Values Yes/No

Do I understand it correctly that YES/NO parameters coming from Subassembly Composer are being read by Dynamo as INT32 being 10 for YES and 11 for NO?

It probably refers to a value in an enumeration. If you create a custom enumeration the value of the parameter is also a int32 type. It is not always 10 or 11, in my testcase I got 301 (false) and 302 (true).

Hi @Anton_Huizinga, so I guess this could be improved then in Dynamo. It should be just a boolean, like it is in SAC.

It is not a boolean in SAC either, Yes/No is just an internal enum. If you open a PKT in Explorer, you see a XAML file as well. There you see lines like these:

  <Variable x:TypeArguments="asw:EnumType" Default="[new EnumType(10, &quot;Yes&quot;)]" Modifiers="ReadOnly" Name="Yes" />

Enum value 10 is Yes. So it might be an internal SAC default that 10 is Yes and 11 is No.

Very strange but that explains why Dynamo can’t pick up a Boolean I guess.

Strange thing is that SAC defintely has a Boolean type:

<InArgument x:TypeArguments="x:Boolean" x:Key="ReverseAngleReference8">True</InArgument>

Now I understand better why SAC is handling parameters so buggy frequently. I hope we can use Dynamo for building PKT files oneday :roll_eyes:


Or a SAC that looks like Dynamo :upside_down_face:


Hi @John.DeLeeuw,

Just want to confirm your observation and feedback by @Anton_Huizinga

I have encounter this in Civil 3D when updating SAC that is already created and I decided to add new parameter like enumeration or yes/no options.


And so on

Here’s some additional information C3D forum Message 4

So what your image shows above confirms with the value 10 and 11.