Structural Framing: Read Only Value

I’m trying to create a script that replaces the levels with a dictionary(excel file) of certain elements.

It works well for all elements except beams. I think the problem is I can’t set a value in a Read Only parametre (Work Plane = Plan de construction).

I attached the excel(for dictionary) and dyn file.

Thank you in advance.


dforum_level_replacer.dyn (292.2 KB)

levels-transform.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Yes you can’t set Read-Only parameter.

Is there any workaround to accomplish that?

Hello Kulkul,
I have been looking for information about the ReadOnly parameters but I do not understand it very well. It seems that I am trying to change the value of a parameter called Work Plane but that it is actually called different.
This is a built-in parameter. :thinking::astonished:
Would you have an explanation on the subject?
It seems a very interesting topic.
I need to change the work plane or reference plane of about 50 beams.
Is there an alternative method to carry out this task automatically?
I used some nodes to set values in built-in parameters with any success.

Thank you.