String Null Value when connected

I have rather a long script, right when i finally got it all working, the first string defaults to a null value, this happens only if it is connected to the rest of my script. Anyone come across this before?

The packages i have installed and am using are the following

Using Revit and Dynamo Revit

why don’t you use these

Well the file currently may or may not exist. I used the directory to call for a file that doesn’t exist, and it seems to function even less. Its says that the run has completed, but there is a null output that a watch node wont even show as an null.

It seems like there is a corruption in the file for the string text to show a null value. Has anyone solved a corruption of this sort?

It looks like the ScopeIf node was the culprit. I made a simpler script with only Dynamo native nodes to track down the issue. Looks like with the ScopeIF there is a null value.

and without the scopeIf the string will write a value.

I had added this to my script to remove the warning messages when the list.filterbooleanmask path was the other option.

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