String location to point location

I am trying to place a family for the filtered coordinates but I am getting an argument error on the point location. Before the list is filtered, I am able to connect all the locations, in the same format, with the same family. I am wondering how do i convert this so I am able to make this work?

What are you trying to do? What are you filtering and how do you expect your points to behave? You obviously need to provide a point, so converting to a string to filter or modify values is not going to work.

There probably is a better way to do this but I am listing the end connector names and locations, then combining them so I can filter the location by names so I can place a family in that location

Don’t use FilterByString since that requires you to filter the same string object by its value. All of your data is already aligned since it comes from the same place. All of the connectors, locations, names, etc. are in the same order, at the same index, so you don’t have to name points just to filter by name. The name already exists. That’s how you attached it to the point in the first place. Use FilterByBoolMask instead since you can check for connector names and then filter the points directly.

So I forgot that the reason i assigned the fitting end to connector is when I don’t do that the following happens, If a fitting has 2 different end connectors, it groups them together since its a fabrication part. and when I have them individually assigned, it reads the correct count.

The issue here is that you’re not flattening the list of points anymore so you’re filtering the groups instead of the points. You need to maintain the same list structure throughout the graph.