Strange Parameter Updates - only first letter being updated

Hi everyone. I am trying to update Paramters in the Electrical Circuits, for all electrical fixtures, to improve my electrical schedules, but Dynamo is only updating the FIRST LETTER of the String in each paramter.

I have no idea on why. Can I kindly ask someone to check my graph, and let me know if its ok ?

PullLoadNameFromCircuitByElectricalFixture.dyn (66.1 KB)

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@flyboy70 ,

just to edentify better … a screenshot of your screept? what are your warnings?

there are no errors - everything works fine - BUT, the schedule Screenshot I included, shows that the NEW Parameter Value only writes 1 letter/number and not the entire string.

Destination - Dynamo writes “A” instead of the string “Access Control Rack”.
Dest Hostname - Dynamo wrote “T” instead of TEST
Data Outlet Name - Dynamo wrote “T” instead of Test1

Can you expand the previews into the Element.SetParameterValueByName node, zoom in really tight so you can read the text of that preview, and use the “Export Workspace as Image” feature (looks like a camera in the top right corner) so that we can confirm your setup?

hi everyone. I was able to work it out - the list structure was wrong and wasnt passing the parameters correctly. thanks for all your comments.