Steamnodes Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint not working 1.0.0

Can someone test the Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint from Steamnodes.
My script doesn;t work anymore in 1.0.0 doesn’t place a group and I doesn’t give an error…

Please help is a script I use every day.


Hi Arno. Try to extract the python script from the custom node and see if you get any errors. (open the custom node and copy the python script in to a python node in the home canvas, add the necessary amount of ports)

Looks like its working if you change lacing to shortest on the List.FilterByBoolMask node:

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Thanks for sorting that out…I will give it a try.


That did the trick…thank you very much…

Hallo everyone,

please, could you help me solve a problem with placing groups by point? I am using this “Steamnodes Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint” in my final thesis. Unfortunately, tips in this topic don’t solve my problem.

I am trying place many groups, but this script place only first one group. The others groups are not placed. It placed only points.

Demonstration, nod and python script are in the pictures.
Thank you for help! :slight_smile: