Standard nodes are unresolved

Yes, I believe you. The question then is, why are these package nodes failing with a description that Dynamocore.dll cannot be resolved? I would think others would have come across this issue. Perhaps this error is misleading & people are thinking it’s a core issue? Or is it perhaps the error from the package node is causing the Dynamocore.dll to fail? If so, then where & why haven’t the package manufacturers responded from others? If others have not had this issue, then I’m back to square one, what is it on my machine that is causing this issue?
By solving the question of whether or not this error of mine is core or not has only led to more questions.
To do, to do.
Thank you Michael for you troubleshooting this with me.

Hi All,

I’ve just got a user who’s experiencing the same issue… Did we ever find out the addin / package which was causing it?



No. It was specific to R18 and I’m upgrading. Dynamo is good but I have so many issues with packages and their new releases that I don’t use Dynamo as much anymore.

Thanks for getting back to me, my colleague is getting it in 2019, but not 2020…!




I’ve got to use dynamo 2.3 thanks to revit 2020. I open a graph. Works fine. Save and open again and bam got errors like below. Have to reset my computer to get the graph to work again. Is there a solution to this? I lie resetting didnt fix it this time :roll_eyes:



I have not used Dynamo since moving to 2019 so I’m not sure. I was on 2018 when I was having these proplems.

Hi @Mark.Ackerley, did you ever figure out what was causing this?

We’re seeing this in Dynamo 2.0.4 and Revit 2018 / 2019 (not 2020 so far).
The unresolved nodes I’m seeing are definitely core nodes (Watch, All Elements Of Category, Python Script). Custom nodes are showing fine.

Hi Oliver,

Unfortunately we didn’t get to the bottom of it, re-installs didn’t work… Revit 2020 with Dynamo 2.0.4 has been fine so far.



We’ve just seen it in Revit 2018 and 2019, only with specific users working on specific projects. This makes sense, as we’ve narrowed it down to the NBS Plugin for Revit (a frequent source of Dynamo conflicts). This makes sense as:

  • This only affects users with the plugin installed - explains why we’re seeing user-specific problems.
  • We believe the plugin saves and accesses data using ExtensibleStorage within a project file. This explains why it’s a project-specific issue.
  • The plugin runs different internals for 2018/2019 and for 2020.

Removing the NBS Plugin for Revit fixes the issue immediately. But this isn’t really an option, since we use it extensively across projects.

I just had the same problem with a different script. I am a beginner in dynamo so I remember recently watching a video about dynamo monitoring your work. My error was caused because my current view was on a sheet view and I was trying to hide scope boxes in views. I switched my screen to an elevation view and my script error went away and I was able to hide my scope boxes in all views. make sure you are in an accepted view and nothing is selected. Hope this helps.