[ Spring Nodes ] Importing issues with Springs



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Hi @nbesuyen

Could you also drop rvt file here. So that we can get the exact faces which you’re using in your graph:


Revit File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6nvpx263odl9kt/Practise%20stuff.rvt?dl=0


@nbesuyen Drop the same rvt file which you’re using with your graph. Right now which you drop now doesn’t recognize faces.


Whoops sorry, wrong link.
Try this one:


@nbesuyen Do changes as shown below and you should be fine:


Thank you so much! This has been giving me a headache for a week!


For a week :open_mouth: It took me few seconds :smile:

No Problem :wink: Mark the post as solved.


Maybe not quite a week, but it sure felt like it :grinning:
Thanks again