Spotcoordinates for objects in a linked model

Hi All,

I am trying to place spot coordinates in a top view for elements which are in a linked file. The Elements are 4 point adaptive components with on each adaptive point a nested 1 point adaptive component Family which is used to place the spot coordinates.

My graph reads out the 4pt Adaptives from the linked model and reads the sub components from them (The 1 pt adaptive component). From there I use the location point and the orientation of the view where I want to place the spot coordinates to make the Pick point, the bend and the end.

For the reference for the spot coordinate I use the nested 1 pt adaptive component. I call all the references and use the first one.

This whole routine works fine if the elements are in the same model where you want to tag them, but for linked models it doesn’t work and the Error I get is not very descriptive:

Error occurred when creating Spot Dimension!

I have attached a sample project, a sample linked project and the graph. I only use the clockwork package.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Please let me know if there are any problems with the files.

Okay I fixed it.

I got the Error because I tried to get the First Reference of the Element which lived inside the Linked Document.

I had to parse this reference to a reference that the Host document recognized. I retrieved the RevitLinkInstance object of the Element which lived inside the Linked Document and used the CreateLinkReference methode to parse it to a good taggable reference.