Split surfaceto quads

Hi all,
I have a 1 surface below, I want to mesh it to mutiple rectangles surface like the 2nd pic. Please help me!



Explode it first, extend some lines, retrieve intersections, find some endpoints and reorganize points into groups of 4 points and go for Rectangle create method.:grinning: Seems a bit tedious but not brain-twisting.

Thank you, and my result as below, Iā€™m confusing to find quads :frowning_face:

you have already made it, u can group the points by X coordinate, it would be like a list of sublist (2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2). sort sublist by Y coordinate, then go to List.GetItemAtIndex() to pick the points you need and create rectangles.

(Not sure if I am detouring)

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