Split a wall in two walls and import the geometry from Dynamo to Revit

Hi All,

I succeeded to split a wall in two walls. But when I want to import the geometry from Dynamo to Revit, I use the “ImportInstance.ByGeometry” node.

But when I click the two “walls” in Revit, they are two “Import Symbols” and not two walls with the same properties of the one I cut… So that’s my first issue.

And th second one is, I can’t give new parameters to a “Import Symbol” because it’s not known as a “System Family” and I can’t apply new shared parameters. And that’s my second issue.

Do you have any idea of how I can get two real walls as if I replaced the wall by two walls instead?

Please attached the pictures to have a better understanding.

Thanks in advance to all of you.



The two Wall.ByCurveAndHeight nodes already would have created the walls in Revit. You do not need to convert them to solids and import them.

The last five nodes in your screen shot are unnecessary as you had already obtained the desired result.

Thank you for your answer.

But when I delete the last five nodes, I don’t have my two walls in my Revit model.

Please see below:

2016-05-13 10_05_52-Greenshot


The walls are probably concealed beneath the original wall.

Try hiding the original wall instance in the view.

Hi Ghislain,

There is custom node from spring nodes called “DirectShape.ByGeometry”. Try using that node. You can add parameters to it as well. Good Luck!


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Thank you so much, I didn’t notice that this node was existing.