Space/Window intersection

Hello Dynamo Community

The Spaces don’t intersect the windows, so i did increase its solid, but the problem that its going to be a solid and i cannot use “Elements in Space” node (Archi-lab_Grimshaw package).

(I could make it work with the bounding box of the solid, but the “BoundingBox.Intersection” node is not working correctly. It intersects elements that are not even in the bounding box)


  • Is there a custom node called “Elements in Solid” node outthere?

Thank you, for your time. :slight_smile:

Hi @akos90

“Element in Space” node is expecting spaces as inputs currently your connecting solid geometry.

i know :D.

Is there a custom node called “Elements in Solid” node outthere?

I just tested with one space it gives result as expected.

It is not going to work with windows.

  • My ideas:
  • Is there a way to increase the Space size? (So it can remain as “Space”)
  • or Is there a way to get Elements in solid? (I could increase the size of the solid with Solid.thinShell)

In that case you should look into “Element.IntersectsSolid” from BimorphNodes package. Hope it Helps!


This is what i was looking for! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your patience!

Rebuilding geometry can be rather ineffective for processing, so I thought I’d offer up an alternative workflow here:


I’ll give a it a try but, does it work with spaces too? Thx for the help

Just tested. No it does not. However the revit API does allow for the method Space.IsPointInSpace which functions the same way as the room. Look into building some python around the Space method, which you can see the inputs and such for here:

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