Space tag

Dear someone
I lost my space tag.
can some one please upload one to me
May karma be with you

Hello @10041004 and welcome …you lost your spacetag ??? not sure what you exactly mean but you can made a new one just open an annotation family template use room tag and then just change the categori to space tag

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Hej Søren
Jeg efterspørger space tag.rfa annotationsfamily , ligger du inde med sådan en?

jeg ønsker at kunne vise luft mængder


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Hej Maria…det nemmeste vil være du laver en ny. Åben en annotion template (room tag ) og skift kategori til space tag og du har en space tag familie…men kan godt lige sende dig en…

In the future use english as it is the official laungues here…so other can understand as well :wink:

Space_Tag.rfa (252 KB)


Thanks a lot, that was very kind of you

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Du er velkommen :wink: :wink: