Space Outdoor Air Option ACH


I’m new to dynamo, but have been making really good use of the existing posts on this forum (so thanks!), but I’ve come to a bit of a road block on my current project.

I’m trying to use dynamo to assign "Outdoor Air Change rate to a zone by ACH (Air Changes Per hour) within the Energy Analysis properties under Zones. I’m doing this to try and compare the energy analysis features to a more traditional approach with HAP.

I cant seem to find where these items reside to actually put them in my script. Once I find these I’m pretty confident that I can assign the values to the parameters. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

If you look here:

and look here:

It looks like a lot should be available to you. You might need to search/learn about setting BuiltIn parameters. Not sure if everything you need is in Nodes already, but at least make a start and show where you run into a problem.

Wow that’s a great resource! That gets me moving again. Thanks Bjorn!