Space external curve


Is there a node that can collect the curve around “Space”?


Extract the ‘Sketch’ lines for the space using this node from the #springnodes package. :grinning:


Easy as a pie thx :smile:


Wait, how did that work for a space element? :smiley:

I would actually suggest the Room.Boundaries node from clockwork, because unlike the built-in node, it can handle spaces just fine:


Opps, could have been the slab selected, tried again and it didnt work…
Looks like you got this one :grinning:


I used Room.Boundaries before, it worked in the past but it’s not working now somehow… :frowning: (only the curves),and i just figured out that the other method has problems too.


Are you sure that’s the node from Clockwork? Archi-lab has a similar named node that’s a bit outdated and doesn’t work with Revit 2017+


You were right. :slight_smile: