Sorting Sub List

ok, I know this is an easy task, I have also looked at other post but I am having a mental block.

I have a csv that has rows that contain a key value and additional data. The Key value we will call GIS-Units_Number. This value is populated as a text based instance parameter on the family I am collecting in Revit.

The CSV file contains the key value (GIS-Units_Number) and then each additional column in the row represents additional data I need to add into the family.

The CSV reads in and each row creates a sub-list like I would expect. But now I need to search each sublist for the value from the family instance so I can key them together. I have used ==, ListContains but I always get false returned and no true values. What am I doing wrong. Is it a level issue?

Transpose the data from Excel so you can isolate the value you have to match. Then use the rest of the values to do what you need to set.