Sorting Curtain Panels by level


Two related questions:
A) when I reference curtain panels created by level (all of the same type), they are not organized in sub-lists by level. What is the reason for this and how can it be resolved?

B) After I have manually sorted the panels per level into sub-lists, I have trying to create a checkerboard pattern with ‘List.SortByKey’ where each list is either true or false. (See image a).

Maybe this can help you sort your lists by keys.

Thank you for your reply.

I have used List.SortByKeys twice to order my panels (see image B). My questions is: a) why is this necessary when the curtains are already hosted on their specific levels?

Also, I cannot figure out how to make the List.FilterByBoolMask can operated on each sub-list to create a true/false pattern on each level.

Thank you for your reply.

They are probably organized by wall. So if you have a multi level spanning walls, that would mean panels are grouped under the wall, but not level.