Sort Property Set List

there is a Civil 3D Forum post of someone interested in copying a surface Property Set to a Solid Property set…

I came close to making it work semi automatic. I am just concerned with my graph because I kind of sorted the Property set Lists in a manual/static way. how can I sort the property sets to create an automatic match, no matter what the property names are? In other words, I don’t want to use the List.Reorder Node!

Thank you for any help in advance,

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Hi @marshmallow ,

Thanks for sharing the forum inquiry. Here’s how I will approach the filter method to replace the manual/static way (via List.Reorder). I will do it via List.SortByKey and List.FilterByBoolMask.
Also, I will make both property set same name with Handle.
Copy Surface PS to Solid_V1.dwg (1.4 MB) Copy Surface PS to Solid_V1.dyn (53.9 KB) Copy Surface PS to Solid_V2.dyn (55.6 KB)

See Guide Images below: