Some packages don't like each other

I’ve got an issue where a work package and GeniusLoci seem to clash.
If I unload the work one, GeniusLoci works, but if the work one is loaded then GeniusLoci has missing nodes.

None of the nodes have the same name.

If I drag all the GeniusLoci nodes into the work package then everything seems to work.

Also I seem to have a slight issue with Springs and Clockwork 2…

I’ve tried putting the nodes in 1 by 1 (very tedious) and trying to see if it’s a specific node causing issues but sometimes it likes the nodes, sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t seem to be following a pattern.

HELP! How do I fix this?

All Packages are up to date, and you have only one Revit version i presume.

This is in R21 and the latest versions that work with Dyno 2.6.1

Everything was fine until recently (we added about 6 new nodes)…
I’ve tried unloading those nodes but I still get errors!