[Solved] List of follow-up letters


I have one follow-up letters list in Dynamo running from A to ZA

I made a codeblock with the code: “A” … “Z” but after I don’t know how to continue the list with AA, AB, AC, … Until ZZ.

Do you have an idea to do this ?

Thank you


or your looking for this?

Hello and thank you for your answer.

Your first solution works well, but discontinued treatment at “AZ”

For the second solution, on my Dynamo, it does not work like your example. The result is a series of letters type “AA”; “BB”; “CC” …
Would you have an idea of the reason why it does not work like your Dynamo because the result in your example seems to be what I want.

I made this code, but I have to copy the code block [0] + b; a [1] + b; a [2] + b; a [3] + b; … to a [25] + b and create a List.Join
It is not you a code to automatimquement create a single list?

And I tested it in a codeblock : a [0] + B…A [25] + b
but it does not work.

Thank you for your help.


very well, it works

Thank you for your help, it’s nice

I noticed that you said in the original post that you wanted to start with A then switch to double characters, if you follow the below it should show you how to do this in either python or out of the box nodes.

First Image shows it starting at A then second image shows that it finishes where you want it to depending on a count.