(Solved) Graph runs for none-selected elements for the first run after deselected freeze

Hi all,
I was trying to import parameters from excel into Revit instance parameters palette for elements. The details do get imported when I run the graph for selected elements. However, when I freeze importing group and switch to empty out parameters group, it appears that even if I only select one element for its parameters to be cleared out the parameters for other elements that have been selected previously before switching the action do get cleared out as well. This only happen for the first run after switching the action though. For example, if I selected 3 pumps and run the graph all of the details will be imported into those 3 pumps. But if I switch to empty out parameters action and even if I select only 1 of those 3 pump the parameters of other 2 pumps will be cleared out as well as they were being selected previously. In fact, for the next run it works normal (unless the action being switched again). So, I am wondering if it is possible to have to graphs in the same canvas where one is ticked freeze?

Are you expecting a node to stop execution of a part of your graph if so you can use tool.runme
Not sure if i understand your question correctly hope this helps

Better to use an if statement here to return either the values from excel or the empty value.

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Hi, thanks for suggestion I’ll try that :blush:

Thanks Jacob, I’ll explore on your method and I’ll come back with the outcome :blush:

Thanks again it works this time and my graphs are much more tidier. I just need to switch from true to false if I want to empty out the parameters in the palette.

In fact I can just delete the empty out parameter as well.

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