Solids error

Good morning, I would like to know if you could explain me how I can solve this error, since I have tried in several ways, I created a family with three layers, and with dynamo what I wanted was to join and remove differences to obtain definitive solids and to extract the exact volumes with the cuts between each geometry, but I get this error, and I do not understand what I can be doing wrong.

Hi @ingjaidenrincon ,

You already have three solids by using the Element.Geometry node, why are you extracting the surfaces of that solid to then create a solid again? Couldn’t you use the Solids directly from the start?

Also, the error you are getting is probably because you are trying to create a solid with a thickness of 0 (or Zero-Volume as the error describes), which is impossible (since that is a surface).

PS: Could you maybe also explain a bit more what your current point is and your endpoint of this script?

Hello, thank you very much for answering, the problem is that the generated solids are not cut, and each solid would be generating me an additional volume of the other layers, ie I have 3 layers, s1, s2 and s3, s3 is the initial volume or base, s2 is the intermediate and s1 is the external volume, in this case s1 would be adding the volumes of s2 and s3, s2 adds the volume of s3, for this reason I want to extract that between them there is a cut and can give me the real volume, in this image you will see better what I need.