Solid wall

Help !!

This needs some more explanation: what do you mean here? Do you want to transform a solid into a wall, or do you ask why your solids don’t look like walls?

i want to transform a solid into a wall

Just to clarify:
Dynamo’s interaction with revit doesn’t allow you to make revit do things it can’t do natively.

So since Revit walls have to be drawn as curve (line, arc, circle, polygon, etc) based element - that is a two dimensional element placed on a horizontal work plane.

A possible work around would be to use a mass in place node to create walls or family in place node of some sort. But that could lead to hosting issues or wall join graphic issues down the line.

Another option could be looking at how you created that solid form in the first place and looking for a way to generate curve based elements which could serve as the base curves elements for actual walls of a given type.

I’m on my phone so I can’t open the files but I’m sure either of these would work, but without knowing more of what your end goal and starting points are I’m at a loss for which is a better option.