Solid.ByLoft FAILS

It seems to work when using one curve, but wont work on multiple curves. Please help

Conical Loft - Single Curve.dyn (63.3 KB)
Conical Loft - Multiple Curves.dyn (263.1 KB)
Surface.rfa (472 KB)

Hi @mkom

Conical Loft - Multiple Curves_For Max.dyn (270.1 KB)


Thank you!
When I follow your steps in my file I get this, but it works perfectly when I open your file.

Are there some settings that I am missing?

Change lacing to longest “Solid.ByLoft”. I also attached dyn graph :point_down:

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Yes, it works now. (just noticed that lacing status is shown visually in the bottom right corner of the node)
My knowledge of lists and lacing is still fussy, but I am slowly getting there.
Thank you for your help.