Smooth a toposurface with a regular grid

I successfully replicated a routine similar to the one shown in the video bellow:

To Simplify Topography Model - YouTube

I’m not sure it will work in each and every situation, but we’ll get there eventually.

selecionaTopoSuavizaPontosDadoIntervalo.dyn (77.4 KB)



Now it prunes duplicated points, even if the points don’t share the same Z.

selecionaTopoSuavizaPontosDadoIntervalo_r1.dyn (100.2 KB)

I’m having some trouble with the “create surface for testing” step. For some reason, some toposurfaces boundaries self-intersect when I create the test surface, even after the “sort clockwise” step.

I’d love to have some insight to do a fail-proof clockwise sorting of points, to be always able to close a test surface.

Here’s a stripped test topo model. Some of these surfaces work fine with the routine. The bottom right one, don’t. It’s a 2022 model.

Teste.rvt (820 KB)

I guess the issue is addressed, at least for now. I found the following solution with another method of sorting points and worked like a charm with the toposurfaces that wasn’t previously.

selecionaTopoSuavizaPontosDadoIntervalo_r2.dyn (89.8 KB)